Godless Monsters: Coming Soon

Since Godless Monsters/Heathens & Evangelons will be getting what I call the ‘prospective publishers promenade’ at the end of the month, I intend to release the first chapter online in August — specifically, on the last Sunday in August, which is when this story starts… albeit in 1883 in an alternate-history Britain…

Those who know me well know that I’ve been working on this story for approx. five years; that it is the subject of hours and hours (and hours!) of research, love, blood, sweat, tears and some other things I can’t quite define.

It takes place on the diagonally-divided island of Albion, a world of virtuous teenage virgins and devout debutantes, of prophets and preachers, gilt-winged Godsoldiers and snooping spinsters; but Albion is also a world of cunning and Seid, familiars and slaves, of wise women, two-spirits and nine magick herbs. Pirates in Gravesend control the mouth of the Serpentine and the Black Prince threatens war on the consecrated parish of Whitehall, just in time for the annual Cherubim Ball; meanwhile, the Amazing Mr. Moon hypnotises punters at the Société Spirite, while women have their fortunes read by a blind woman named Mole…

Watch this space!

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Adventures Beyond the Body

Adventures Beyond the Body (working title) is a metaphysical cosmic mystery, a modern Gothic romance and a trippy urban fantasy about the potential of the human mind and our social responsibility to better the world we live in. It involves secret societies, alternate realities, a hallucinogenic plant called telepathine and a Stetson-wearing drug lord known as the Tibetan Cowboy.

When troubled London teenager Saint takes drugs, “very weird shit happens” — weird like ‘mental superpowers’ or ‘an extra brainwave’. Thus she finds herself being initiated into an elite club of party-loving psychonauts: psychedelic explorers of time, space and consciousness.

Saint later arrives at the foothills of Mount Shasta in California where she becomes a wisdom-seeking student at a Western Mystery School: the White Eagle Lodge. Here, she partakes in various quests intended to unlock her mental and spiritual potential.

Saint also becomes aware of the elusive ‘Human Intelligence Project’, which is attempting to advance consciousness in order to save society from its own greed and self-destruction. Meanwhile, a shadowy and extremely powerful agency of ‘White Coats’ aims to ensure that humanity stays selfish, ignorant and materialistic…

— H. Morgan 2010

9 Lives

9 Lives

[ writeonmorgan @ gmail . com ]

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